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Rano in the promise real name

Banks was recruited by almost every Division I college in the nation and had given a verbal commitment to USC, where he was set to play on a full scholarship. Aldis Hodge right in the movie. Brian Banks' accuser's name was indeed fictionalized for the movie.

The change was made for legal reasons. In JuneWanetta Gibson, 15, accused junior Brian Banks, 16, then a standout football player at Long Beach Poly High, of dragging her into a stairwell and raping her.

The alleged incident happened just before lunchtime at their school. Banks denied any wrongdoing. He has also wondered if she was worried he was going to brag to his friends. Or perhaps a school security guard saw her leaving the stairwell where she was making out with him, and the guard inquired as to what she was doing and whether she was a willing participant.

Depending on her answer, maybe the guard told her she'd been raped. In truth, she could have made the accusation for any number of reasons.

Banks doesn't believe that she thought his punishment would be as severe, probably thinking he'd just be suspended. Brian Banks DNA was not found on accuser Wanetta Gibson or her clothing, nor was there any other evidence found to support Gibson's claims. The he-said, she-said evidence was flimsy at best and hardly reliable. According to Brian, this is true. And from day one, our lawyer just wanted me to plea out to some form of a deal. Photo: Brian Banks Facebook. According to Banks, who was 17 at the time and being tried as an adult, he believed the plea deal was the less risky choice.

This was at the urging of his attorney, who was hoping Banks would get probation, not the maximum of six years. And she sat me down with this huge grin on her face as I sat on the other side of the glass, and she began to tell me that she just came up with this amazing deal with the District Attorney's office," Banks recalled in an Innocence Project Interview.

His lawyer continued, telling him, "But if you walk in there right now and you start selecting a jury, I can guarantee you that you're going to select a jury that's going to end up being an all-white jury, and they're going to find you guilty because you're a big black teenager.

He had just 10 minutes to make the decision and said he wasn't permitted to speak to his mom. He was told there was no time. Wanetta and her mom sued the Long Beach Unified School District, citing that the school's lax security had created an unsafe environment that allowed the rape to happen. Wanetta and her mother, Wanda Rhodes, reportedly spent the money on at least three cars an Altima with "great rims," a Suburban and a Dodgein addition to big-screen TVs and various other items.

In researching the Brian Banks true story, we learned that this is what both Banks and his lawyers believe. Attorney Alissa Bjerkhoel with the California Innocence Project believes that Wanetta's mother, who has a rap sheet herself, was behind the entire thing. Morgan Freeman's character is based on a teacher Brian encountered at Juvenile Hall by the name of Jerome Johnson, who became a mentor to Brian.

In the film, he tells Brian Aldis Hodge"your despair can become a doorway" and that "all you can control in life is how you respond to life. I had a good upbringing. But these were things that were foreign to me. All it took was that person to introduce me to thinking who 'the real you' is. Convicted of rape inBanks spent five years and two months in prison, in addition to five years of high-custody parole, during which time he was required to wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle.

He also had to register as a sex offender, which significantly hurt his chances of finding a job. An image of the real Brian Banks left next to an image of his onscreen counterpart, Aldis Hodge, in the film. A romance ensues and he comes to learn that she is herself a survivor of sexual assault. She is at first shocked when he reveals that he was accused of rape, but she comes to believe in his innocence and helps him clear his name.The Promise is the story of three young women who are sisters, but very different from each other in nature.

But Pushkar and Pia love each other, so Bani sacrifices her love for the sake of her sister. Jai falls in love with Pia and proposes to her. She agrees to marry him for his wealth. However, moments before the wedding, Pia elopes with Pushkar and Pushkar marries Pia. Jai ends up marrying Bani.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Serial Wiki, Cast Real Name, Written Updates

Their relationship gets off to a rocky start but, with time, they become friends. Bani tries to arrange their marriage. The Walia family accepts this proposal. Unknown to everyone, Sahil and Rano love each other. Sahil gets engaged to Rashi, but he and Rano are unable to forget their mutual love. They elope and get married. Everybody is happy about this. In the meantime, Bani and Jai are attracted to each other and consummate their relationship.

He is filled with remorse. However, in time, she realizes how much she loves her husband. To protect Jai, Bani asks him for a divorce and a large share of his wealth.

Meanwhile, Pia, who has broken off with Pushkar because Pushkar throws out Pia out of his house because Pia has aborted his child, gets interested in Jai. When Jai goes on a …. You can post your comment below You can use BBCodes to format your content.After their father's death, the three sisters go to Mumbai to live with Jai Udai Walia Ram Kapoora ruthless business tycoon who knew their parents.

rano in the promise real name

Jai falls for Pia, but she more interested in his wealth. To save the Dixit family's honor and mostly persuaded by Jai's cunning sister Jigyasa Ashwini KalsekarBani takes Pia's place at the altar and marries Jai. Jai is initially furious, but slowly comes to fall for Bani.

Though Pia is married to Pushkar, she is still obsessed with Jai's wealth and tries to steal him from Bani. Once Jai goes on a business trip, Pia follows him, spikes his drink, and sexually assaults him. This leaves Jai shaken. On Bani and Jai's one-year anniversary, it is revealed that Pia is pregnant with Jai's child. Pia gives birth to a son and names him Veer. Pia frames Bani for another character's death and blackmails Jai: he can either let Bani spend life in jail or testify that she is mentally ill and she can spend only five years in a mental hospital.

Jai, who is left with no option, rules that Bani is mentally ill and she is sent to a mental hospital. At the hospital, she gives birth to twins Krishna and Atharva but they are taken away by Jai. Bani escapes from the hospital and is rescued by a man named Aparajit Deb Ronit Roy who takes her under his wing. He offers her to come with him abroad so she can get away from her past. Bani agrees but promises that she will return for her children.


Krishna and Atharva are now five years old. Pia does not take care of her own son Veer or Krishna and Atharva. Bani, who has adopted the name Durga Dasgupta, returns to take her children and exposes Pia for what she has done.

Kasam Se

Pia meets with an accident and is left in a wheelchair. Bani and Rano forgive her and help her. Krishna and Atharva are kidnapped and murdered in front of Bani and Jai.

Struck by the loss of his children and instigation by Jigyasa, Jai kicks Bani out of the house because he thinks his children died because she was having an affair.

Bani, feeling like she has nothing left, tries to kill herself by but is saved. She is revealed to be pregnant and finds hope in her life again. Bani lives by the name of Maithili with Jai's aunt and her 5-year-old daughter Ganga. Jai has moved on and made his business flourish.The story is about Tanushree "Tanu" Khurana and Rishi Bedi who are childhood best friends, just like their respective fathers Veerendra and Raj.

Tanu saves Rishi from falling into a river. Katyani Bai, a Kali devotee and priestess prophesies they will be together for next 7 births. Raj's wife Rano who dislikes Tanu's family brainwashes his mind to move to America.

Kindred hearts Zee world: full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Eagerly, Tanu waits for Rishi to return. Boxer, he always flirts with girls. Forced by Raj, Rishi accompanies his family to Tanu's residence Patiala. Veerendra and his wife Sharda die in a terrorist attack. Raj reaches Tanu's home and discovers about the deaths, where her aunt Bani takes advantage of the situation, introducing her daughter Neha as Tanu and they move with Bedis to Mumbai.

Tanu and her sister Ahana reach Mumbai. Rishi meets and instantly falls for Tanu. His marriage gets fixed with Neha. Tanu's marriage is arranged with the Jalandhar based Pawan who is already married and wants to use her as a surrogate. In a desperate effort to stop Tanu's wedding, Ahana drugs her and helps Rishi in kidnapping her.

Tanu reveals her identity, and they get married. Neha and Bani are insulted. Neha lies to her boyfriend Sandy that Rishi molested her. Sandy tries to shoot Rishi. Tanu shields him and passes away in his arms. Rishi tries to kill himself but Tanu's soul tells him she will return in his life. Tanu is reborn as Sandy's niece Tanuja. Rishi is heartless. Ahana is married to his younger brother Manpreet and they have 2 children.

Later, Tanuja's face gets badly burnt in an accident. Rishi's grandma Preeti mistakenly gives Tanu's photo to doctor. Tanuja gets Tanu's face. Already hating her, Rishi decides to marry his friend Malaika. As Raj sees Malaika with her boyfriend Shekhar on wedding day, he asks Tanuja to become Rishi's bride and they get married.Dipper was born on August 31, From a young age, Dipper's mother would dress him up in a lamb costume and have him perform his signature song and dance, the " Lamby Lamby Dance.

Sometime during the month of June, [24] Dipper and his twin sister Mabel were sent north up the coast [11] to the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregonto stay with their Great Uncle "Grunkle" Stan, who runs a tourist trap named the Mystery Shack which doubles as his house.

While Mabel adjusts with ease, Dipper initially finds it difficult to get used to his new surroundings. One fateful day, Stan tasks Dipper to put up hanging signs advertising the Mystery Shack in the "spooky part" of the Gravity Falls Forestwhere he discovers a journal written by an unknown and enigmatic author detailing the town's secrets and dangers.

Despite failing to find any incriminating evidence, Dipper confronts his sister on the theory, resulting in an argument. During Mabel's date, however, he notices Norman's right hand falling off on camera, which Norman suspiciously attaches back on, making him fearful that Mabel could unknowingly be in danger. Using the Mystery Cart with the keys he obtains from the Mystery Shack's clerk, WendyDipper quickly heads to rescue Mabel, and, upon finding her, he realizes that Norman is actually made up of five gnomes stacked on top of each other which are residing in the forestwho planned to kidnap Mabel and force her to become their "queen.

The two end up crashing the Mystery Cart upon arriving at the Shack and are cornered by the monster. The head gnome, Jeffinforms them that they will do "something crazy" unless Mabel becomes their queen, and in response, Mabel agrees, much to Dipper's dismay.

Shortly after accepting the gnomes' ring, she uses the Mystery Shack leaf-blower to defeat the gnomes, impressing Dipper in the process. With all the gnomes finally gone, the two makeup and enter the Shack, and in an act of newfound appreciation of the twins, Stan allows them each one free gift, with Dipper choosing a new hat to replace his old one, which was taken by a gnome.

Before going to bed, he writes two new entries in the journal, one being that a gnome's weakness is a leaf blower, and the other stating that while Journal 3 has told him to refuse trust from anyone in the town, he knows Mabel will always have his back.

When they hear that there is a lake monster in the vicinity known as the GobblewonkerDipper and Mabel want to find it and get proof of its existence, and avoid having to spend 10 hours on a boat with Stan while they're at it.

Dipper wants to be the first to discover the beast so he can win the prize money and appear on TV. They ditch Stan and go with Soos to find it. Dipper brings 17 disposable cameras just in case they lose or break a camera. In the end, the Gobblewonker turns out to just be a mechanical creature driven by Old Man McGucket, who is looking for attention.

rano in the promise real name

Because they felt bad about leaving him, Dipper and Mabel spend the rest of their day with Stan to have their family bonding day. It was mostly Wax Sherlock Holmes, because he axed Wax Stan's head, and left shabby-shoe footprints in the shag carpet, and an ax, which was Mabel and Dipper's first clues.

During their investigation, they first went to interrogate Manly Danthe lumberjack at the downtown biker joint named Skull Fracture.Kindred hearts full story — The series follows a young man Aditya Jindal who has had a troubled marriage with a selfish wife Nisha Jindal, yet he chooses to remain with Nisha for the sake of their daughters: Chinni Jindal and Binni Jindal and his family who think highly of Nisha.

After a period of hardships and events, they are able to get married but their happiness is short-lived as Nisha seeks her revenge by killing both near Kuldevi Temple. The story then takes a 20 years leap. Jia is a model in London and Arjun is a petty thief.

It is revealed that Jia and Aakash faked their marriage to expose Rano who has only been brought by Ambika to create misunderstandings between Arjun and Jia. The family is able to save him from Rano. Rano is arrested and Arjun and Jia are finally married.

rano in the promise real name

Nisha returns seeking revenge on Jia and Arjun. She hires some goons who abduct Arjun and she kills him. As she is about to be arrested, she slips and falls to her death. Dogra was later replaced by Manasi Salvi. Kindred hearts started on zee world since June and replaced This is fate. Her obsessive love for him makes her antagonise Jhanvi, the other woman in his life and eventually leads to their death. Kindred Hearts and Mehek have almost the same plot of story. The main characters died and reborn… But at least the ending of Mehek story was happy.

Unlike Kindred Heart the male and female protagonists did not live happy ever after which saddened me and feel disappointed. The male protagonist died.

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rano in the promise real name

Literature Poetry Lit Terms Shakescleare. Download this LitChart! Teachers and parents! Struggling with distance learning? Our Teacher Edition on Always Running can help.

Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. A charismatic Chicano politician, writer, teacher, and community organizer, Chente works at the… read full character analysis. A talented, educated figure in Mexico, Alfonso makes the difficult decision to immigrate to Los Angeles… read full character analysis.

As Luis notes several… read full character analysis. He has trouble adjusting to his classes… read full character analysis. Download it! The two begin a relationship, and shortly afterwards, Camila gives birth to… read full character analysis.

As she matures, she becomes involved in gangs. During this time, she faces grave danger from rival gangs, who are trying to… read full character analysis.

Miguel Robles A childhood friend of Luis Rodriguezwho first forms a small-time gang called Thee Impersonations, and later convinces Luis to join The Tribe, a larger gang that eventually merges with the Lomas. Miguel is… read full character analysis. He joins The Tribe with Luis, and later the gang merges with the Lomas.

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